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       System security is a big deal to us here at Expert Computer Repair.  Which is good news if protection against cyber threats is something you are concerned about.  The statistics are showing 2007 was a watershed year for cybercrime, breaking all previous records.  And every indication is that the trend is set to continue despite the best attempts of law enforcement to stop it.  The rise of the STORM worm, drive-by downloads, and development of targeted spear-phishing attacks means computer users are facing an unprecedentled level of threat from the internet.  Don't know what these are?  If Expert Computer Repair is providing security for your computer systems, you don't need to.

       We keep track of the latest breaking threats, so you don't have to.  No longer is computer security something for government and big business to attend to.  Every day more and more small businesses and regular users are being targeted by the growing wave of global cybercrime.  As this report shows, unprotected computers of any kind may be compromised within 20 minutes of being placed online. Here are some ways we keep your systems safe and prevent you from becoming another statistic.

       If you sign up for one of our Monthly Maintanence plans, you can rest assured that all your systems will be up to date with the latest in software patches to make your computers virtually hacker proof.

       If you think your network might be vulnerable, call us for a free consultation and find out what steps need to be taken to protect your computers and data from attack.