Expert Computer Repair is a computer consulting company serving Austin, Texas area businesses.  Many small and medium sized businesses have already realized the bottom line benefits of outsourcing critical IT support to reduce overhead and allow a full focus on their unique core business.  But the cost of making an overpriced mistake in choosing an outsourcing partner can be disastrous, resulting in wasted money and time, and an IT mess requiring expensive solutions.

       Expert Computer Repair is a technology partner you can rely on, with a full suite of computer services convienently consolidated in one place, and at a price that is far below what might be expected for comparable expertise.  So instead of asking yourself "How much is this going to cost me?", ask yourself

"How much money can Expert Computer Repair save me?"


       Over the years we have saved our clients thousands of dollars by providing a level of service "the other guys" can't.  First and foremost, we are YOUR technology advocate.  Our recommendations are vendor neutral.  We will NEVER advise you to make a purchase which is counter to your best interests just to fatten our profit.  We would rather have a customer for life than a one time cash squeeze.  If there is a lower cost solution to your technology needs you may not have considered, we will let you know about it and let you decide.  But up front cost isn't the only thing to take into consideration.  We look at the long term to see how a solution is going to serve you years down the road, balacing maintenance costs and overhead into the full pictire to make the best possible recommendations.  We help you avoid technology mistakes which can cripple your business growth and saddle you with expensive, high maintenance products you don't need.  In several cases, on first inspection, we have identified redundant or out-dated services that our customer didn't need, saving them hundreds of dollars a month.


       We have an established network of vendors to bring you the best prices on equipment, software, and services.  Whether you need a T1 leased line, a VOIP office phone system, a dozen new office PCs, or the latest Microsoft offering, we will get the best possible price for you without sacrificing quality.  Whatever you need, if we can't get it, we can refer you to someone who can.  All of our suppliers are time tested, because up front cost is only half the equation.  We won't deal with anyone who offers a shoddy product.. EVER.  Which means you can be assured of getting top quality products along with our personalized recommendations to maximize your value per dollar spent.  In cases where a customer has come to us with a recommendation from another IT shop, inevitably we find that some detail has been overlooked.  The wrong version of software, or hardware specs that offer too much of what they don't need and too little of what they do.  This could mean hundreds of dollars off the bottom line and years of increased performance life.

"We have been doing business with Brian Milliron of Expert Computer Repair for several months now. In our business, we rely greatly on our computer systems running smoothly and we have grown to trust that Brian will be here each month to assure we are running properly.  If  problems occur, we trust that he will bring his expertise in a timely manner to handle our repairs.   We appreciate his  knowledge and experience and we highly recommend his services."
Eddie Rumsey
President/ R.P.L.S.
All Star Land Surveying
-Austin, TX.
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To help ordinary users protect their online communications, we have created the Guide to Online Privacy.  Simple, easy to follow instructions on how to keep your online info private.

       In today's world of hackers, identity theft, spyware, and other cyber-criminal activity, security should be taken into consideration on every purchase.  Computer security is one of the first things we will look at, and every system we service will meet a baseline standard for safe computing before it is allowed on the internet.  We're not just Computer Experts, we're Security Experts too.  Even small businesses have data which is valuable to a hacker: Banking Information, Customer Database, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Data.  In the wrong hands these things could cause major problems for you AND your customers  We make sure your confidential data stays where it is supposed to: on your server.  For more information about how we protect your data CLICK HERE.


       At Expert Computer Repair we are focused on pro-active preventive maintanence to make sure your network is there when you and your employees need it.  Servers don't normally just up and crash out of the blue.  There are a host of warning signs that must have been overlooked first.  Just like your car doesn't die before acting funny and making noise.  With our expertise and attention to detail, we can spot impending disaster before it strikes.  A simple misconfiguration can snowball into a system failure months or even years down the road.  We take the extra time to do the job right the first time, test everything, and then monitor carefully to make sure no problems creep in.  Many, many times we've seen the warning signs of a hard drive crash, system failure, or other catastrophic event and acted in time to prevent a meltdown.  This pro-active attitude has saved our customers thousands of dollars, not to mention weekends of agonizing over lost sales and missing data.  For more information about our preventive maintenance plans, CLICK HERE. 

       These are just some of the ways doing business with Expert Computer Repair can save your business money.  We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation and service quote to find out what we can do for YOU.