Doing business with Expert Computer Repair is a more user friendly experience than you may be used to.  You are not expected to know exactly what you want ahead of time, or to be aware of the multitude of technologies available.  That's our job.  Expert Computer Repair will work with you to define your IT needs and figure out how to best meet them within the budget constraints you provide.  You will be presented with several technology options, along with the positive and negative features of each, so you can make the optimum decision for your business.

A simple problem overlooked can create a complex one down the road.  That's why Expert Computer Repair focuses on preventive maintenance, which is especially valuable for contract customers.  Rather than waiting for a problem to appear, Expert Computer Repair will go in-depth into your IT configuration to root out potential conflicts and issues before they happen.  Then we can explain it in plain English and let you decide whether it is worth fixing or not.  Experience has shown it's better to tweak the network while it's still running than to wait until it crashes.

Expert Computer Repair never makes you wait for help in a critical situation.  If your server/network is down, other non-critical appointments will be rescheduled to make sure that your situation is resolved ASAP.  Though you don't have to have a meltdown to get a fast response.  Even non-critical issues are normally handled next day.  Timely service is just one of the benefits offered.

Expert Computer Repair uses a simple tiered price structure:
$85 per hour flat fee for all types of non-contract labor (desktop, server, and network)
$125 per hour for service outside regular business hours and emergency appointments.
Regular business hours are Monday - Friday 9AM to 5PM.
There may be a travel charge depending on distance from our office.

Businesses that expect to use 10 hours or more a month can save money by signing a contract for $500 a month and recieve 10 hours a month.  Service beyond the 10 hours will be billed at the regular rate.

List of Services:
(this list is not exhaustive but is only to give an idea of the types of solutions Expert Computer Repair offers.)

Most businesses don't realize how much they can increase productivity by having the staff trained on the  software they need to use to do their job.  Mr. Milliron has several years of experience as a professional technology trainer, and knows how to make learning complex software easy and fun.

You never realize how valuable your data is until you lose it.  When disaster strikes it can mean wasted man hours, lost sales, missed deadlines, and upset customers.  Expert Computer Repair has the experience to identify weak links in your current disaster prevention setup, as well as design a series of failsafes from scratch if you haven't gotten around to setting one up yet.  Disaster prevention includes things like regular data backups, intrusion and data theft prevention, anti-virus systems, and UPS solutions.

If your existing Disaster Prevention plan turned out to have some holes, Expert Computer Repair can help put back the pieces after a major crash.  Expert Computer Repair specializes in virus removal and non-invasive data recovery methods, which can help you rebuild critical files and restore crashed hard drives.

Chances are you've gone through a handful of "IT guys" and you're network is a hodgepodge of undocumented "fixes".  Expert Computer Repair can sort through the mess and give you a hard copy of important IP addresses, passwords, and configurations settings, along with easy to read diagrams.

If your business has grown to the point where IT assets need to be documented and tracked, or if you've ever had a laptop disappear, you may be wanting a way to keep track of these valuable investments.  Expert Computer Repair can help you come up with a system, plug gaps in an existing system, or migrate to a new tracking system.

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Security Services
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